MEET NIR ARIELI | Chapter 7 Artist

meet nir. 

Nir Arieli launched his career as a military photographer for the Israeli magazine Bamachane, before receiving a scholarship to pursue a BFA at New York’s School of Visual Arts; he graduated with honors. Nir's photographic passion is within the portraiture and dance fields. He is an admirer of gentleness, beauty that embodies a sense of conflict and physical intelligence.

Nir's work has been published, exhibited and collected internationally. He is represented in NYC by Daniel Cooney Fine Art gallery and in Israel by Pinzeta initiative.

‘The truth is, I don’t dance at all, not even at a party,” Arieli admits. “I admire dancers because they can do what seems impossible to me. The training process of a dancer teaches the body to do things that it can’t do naturally. I observe it like a child; it’s like a superpower to me.’

what he's showing at crawl.

Nir Arieli presents intimate portraits of male dancers, layered on top of each other and collaged with images of their eyes. The different physical, actual, and optical perspectives of the dancer in each image exposes an internal dialog; a bridge between pain and process to liberation and beauty.

Arieli’s images allude to identity formation, mirroring the physical and mental demands of dance training. Wrapped up in in this identity formation are questions around masculinity, sexuality, intimacy, extroversion, and performance. Each image describes both the painful inner process and a redemptive outward resolution of this conflict.

MEET BRENDAN DRAKE | Chapter 7 Artist

meet brendan. 

Brendan Drake is a Brooklyn based dance artist who uses, theatricality and disparate forms to create stylized performance spectacles. His work has been presented at HERE Arts Center, Triskelion Arts, Theater at the 14th street Y, Gowanus Loft, the CURRENT SESSIONS, Dixon Place and he was the proud recipient of a 2015 CUNY Dance Initiative Grant and residency through Baruch College. In addition to his work for the stage, Brendan choreographed the fall 2014 “Equality = Love” campaign for Adidas Originals/Pharrell Williams and commercial spots for Elle Magazine, Kate Spade, and Hermes. 

 Brendan received his BFA in Dance from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he was a recent guest. He is a proud fiscally sponsored artist through Fractured Atlas and certified Pilates Mat and Apparatus Practitioner through the Kane School for Core Integration.

I am for an art that imitates the human, that is comic, if necessary, or violent, or whatever is necessary
— -Cleus Oldenburg

what he's showing at crawl.

The Big Finish exploits camp, humor and the american musical theater songbook to speculate what might happen if we actually “let our freak flags fly.” Incorporating text and movement framed by thoughts on queerness, vanity, isolation and suicide, The Big Finish examines the thin veneer of public decency and an unraveling of sanity.


MEET DANTE BROWN | Chapter 7 Artist

meet dante. 

Danté Brown began his dance training at Wesleyan University, which led him to The Ohio State University to receive his MFA in Choreography. As a performer, Danté has worked with artists such as Esther Baker-Tarpaga, Christal Brown, David Dorfman, Nicole Stanton, Noa Zuk and at the Dance Exchange. 

After founding Warehouse Dance in 2010, DB|WD has had the opportunity to show work at Bates Dance Festival (ME), Boston Contemporary Dance Festival and Dance Complaexl (MA), Columbus Dance Theater and Wexner Center for the Arts (OH), Dance Complex (Boston), Dance Gallery Festival (NY & TX), Dixon Place, GAP Green Building, LaMaMa Moves Festival, Movement Research at Judson Church, Triskelion Arts and The Wild Project (all NYC), Sam Houston State University (TX), and YourMove Dance Festival (NJ).

He has had the opportunity to teach a range of classes at Broadway Dance Center, Dancewave, East Village Dance Project, and Gibney Dance Center (all in NYC), and The Ohio State University. He has held collegiate positions as an Adjunct Professor at CUNY Westchester Community College, Lecturer in Dance at Bates College, and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Wesleyan University. Most recently, he was awarded the Schwartz Center for Performing Artists Fellowship at Emory University. 

WarehouseDancePhoto3_byJustin Skrakowski.jpeg
...combinations of emotional highs and lows, laughter and discomfort.... stunning and thought-provoking work about which voices get heard in the popular and political landscape.
— Jessica Abejar,

what he's showing at crawl

Package began as a male trio that explored the term “bromance” and its association with masculinity and the straight male aversion towards potential homoerotic encounters. It applauded bromance, shedding light on the small range in which male bodies are depicted in popular culture, and simultaneously demonstrated the absurdity of the term itself. Now, four years after its premiere, Package has developed into an arena for eight multi-gendered bodies, demonstrating the ambiguity of the physical acts we associate with masculinity and femininity.



meet chafin. 

Chafin Seymour is a Brooklyn native whose experience in dance has been investigative and eclectic. He began his training in earnest during his high school years with Dancewave and at the Packer Collegiate Institute. He received his BFA with Distinction in Dance from The Ohio State University in 2012. During his time there he was privileged to work with such artists as Susan Hadley, Vera Blaine, and Bebe Miller. He founded seymour::dancecollective in 2011 with intentions of crossing boundaries culturally and aesthetically. The collective has presented original work at venues such as Center for Performance Research (CPR), Dixon Place, WAX Works, The Brooklyn Dance Festival, Triskelion Arts, The Current Sessions, The Secret Theater, Gibney Dance and Movement Research at Judson Church.

 Photo by Corey Melton

Photo by Corey Melton

I firmly believe in the possibility of dance to contain emotion, narrative, cultural and intellectual relevance while still entertaining an audience. I work in a hybrid movement vocabulary that stresses physicality, musicality and a resilient relationship to gravity. By using movement and music I work collaboratively to create environments and tell stories. My work tends to rest on a thin line somewhere between classically inclined and extra bold.

what he's showing at crawl

Chafin's work for CRAWL is equal parts dance party and litmus test. This is a dominant physical performance created by diverse dance artists “based” in electronic, gospel & rap music with the overlay of religious sects, literary genre and popular culture. BASED questions the importance of personal perspective and self-actualization in a culture dominated by group thinking and gut reactions. 

will you pass the litmus test? 


meet jordan

Jordan Isadore is a dancer/choreographer originally from Northern California. He received his B.F.A. in Dance from California State University Long Beach in 2009. Upon relocating to New York, Isadore has worked with choreographers Christopher Williams, Andrea Miller, Sydney Skybetter, and Jennifer Edwards.  Currently he works with Shen Wei Dance Arts and has performed at the David H. Koch Theater, Mariinsky Theater, though out China, Russia, South America and Europe. His own work has been presented at The Museum of Arts & Design, 92nd Street Y, Joe’s Pub, and The American Dance Festival. 

…Isadore throws some of his limitless creativity and movement facility at a staid standard and finds silly brilliance — and even moments of full vogue.

what he's showing at crawl 

SEE DICK DANCE is a satirical look at gender roles with in the queer community. Maypole captures the awkward, unclear, denim-clad moments of a first co-ed birthday party. A lyrical jazz solo encapsulates the feelings of a kid who has a small bladder and fears slumber parties. And finally, a video looks at feelings of an only child growing up gay in a small town. Simultaneously a critical look at gay stereotypes and gender roles and a comical, enjoyable, movement extravaganza, Jordan Isadore's four short works for CRAWL remix actual memories with fantasy to create a new, hyper-physical memory.


myles avery

Myles Avery is an electronic composer and producer. While nerdy about things like integrating Max programming into modular systems, he’s equally passionate about lush, intricate songwriting. With a knack for spacious, dreamy electronics, Myles incorporates unique, meticulously crafted musical ideas with familiar, pop-culture samples that encompass everything from boom-bappy soul to dark, late night grooves. The result is a deliciously unpredictable dreamland that simultaneously moves dance floors while demanding a later, critical listen.

trip hoppy loops and tormented tones... hypnotic

myles does all the things.  

Originally a classical trumpeter, Myles expanded into the intersection of jazz and electronic composition at Wesleyan University, where he studied extensively with Anthony Braxton, Alvin Lucier, Taylor Ho Bynum, Ron Kuivila, and Stephen Haynes.

Currently, Myles is working as a freelance composer and producer. He has worked with several NYC and Chicago-based artists, including Overcoats, Sorcha Richardson, Josh The Word, and Ric Wilson. He has lead production and recording sessions at The Bunker Williamsburg, Mission Sound, Spaceman Sound, Degraw Sound, and Headgear, among others.