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Employing a cross-disciplinary approach to performance making, Same As Sister combines original dance, music and video to construct narratives that convey the complexity of human behavior and its inherent uncanniness. Through our recurring fascination and research of themes relating to the strangeness of being, specifically within the horror genre, we find inspiration from an eclectic compilation of cinematic, literary and quotidian sources. These influences find their way into our work during the collaborative process, when we develop the environments, characters and gestures we imagine into the choreographic structures that will become the stories we share with our audiences. A meticulous level of detail is applied to our translation of these elements via the mediums we engage with, so that there is a balance between the aesthetic and conceptual impact of each. Same As Sister's artistic vision is to create works that allow the viewer to enter vivid worlds, where contrasting realities in time and space merge to present a dream logic of imagery and meaning.

 Photo by David Andrako.

Photo by David Andrako.

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Splicing together a collection of vivid imagery, Same As Sister’s Women Times Three delves into human nature’s reliance on the inseparable bond between terror and horror to exert dominance over our own and others psyches. Choreographers Briana Brown-Tipley and Hilary Brown, in collaboration with composer Beau Mullis and video artist Kit Tipley, create a microcosm where movement, sound and video coalesce to depict different variations on this theme. The roles taken on by the performers- hybrids of cinematic, mythological and historical archetypes, must navigate through feelings of anticipation, confrontation and revulsion within a dream logic where an escape may not be in sight. 

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this twin sister duo is smart, wildly invested in their work and their vision, and have a totally unique perspective on human weirdness. Step into their psychologically layered dream world - you won't regret it. 

Same As Sister (S.A.S.) is a New York City based performance collective founded in 2013 by choreographers Briana Brown-Tipley and Hilary Brown. Before this joining of creative interests, the sisters, who originate from Toronto, Canada, graduated from École de danse contemporaine de Montréal (LADMMI) and performed for a variety of artists including Peggy Baker, Candice Breitz, Doug Elkins, Philippa Kaye and Mike Kelley. Same As Sister creates work with their collaborators, composer/dj Beau Mullis a.k.a. RAW Q and video artist Kit Tipley, to explore the complexity of human behavior and its inherent uncanniness. Their cross-disciplinary works have been presented at BRIC Arts | Media House (2015 BRIClab Residents), New York Live Arts (2014-2015 Fresh Tracks Residents), Dancemakers Centre for Creation, Triskelion Arts, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Chen Dance Center, Bailout Theater at Judson Memorial Church and Silent Barn.