myles avery

Myles Avery is an electronic composer and producer. While nerdy about things like integrating Max programming into modular systems, he’s equally passionate about lush, intricate songwriting. With a knack for spacious, dreamy electronics, Myles incorporates unique, meticulously crafted musical ideas with familiar, pop-culture samples that encompass everything from boom-bappy soul to dark, late night grooves. The result is a deliciously unpredictable dreamland that simultaneously moves dance floors while demanding a later, critical listen.

trip hoppy loops and tormented tones... hypnotic

myles does all the things.  

Originally a classical trumpeter, Myles expanded into the intersection of jazz and electronic composition at Wesleyan University, where he studied extensively with Anthony Braxton, Alvin Lucier, Taylor Ho Bynum, Ron Kuivila, and Stephen Haynes.

Currently, Myles is working as a freelance composer and producer. He has worked with several NYC and Chicago-based artists, including Overcoats, Sorcha Richardson, Josh The Word, and Ric Wilson. He has lead production and recording sessions at The Bunker Williamsburg, Mission Sound, Spaceman Sound, Degraw Sound, and Headgear, among others.