meet chafin. 

Chafin Seymour is a Brooklyn native whose experience in dance has been investigative and eclectic. He began his training in earnest during his high school years with Dancewave and at the Packer Collegiate Institute. He received his BFA with Distinction in Dance from The Ohio State University in 2012. During his time there he was privileged to work with such artists as Susan Hadley, Vera Blaine, and Bebe Miller. He founded seymour::dancecollective in 2011 with intentions of crossing boundaries culturally and aesthetically. The collective has presented original work at venues such as Center for Performance Research (CPR), Dixon Place, WAX Works, The Brooklyn Dance Festival, Triskelion Arts, The Current Sessions, The Secret Theater, Gibney Dance and Movement Research at Judson Church.

 Photo by Corey Melton

Photo by Corey Melton

I firmly believe in the possibility of dance to contain emotion, narrative, cultural and intellectual relevance while still entertaining an audience. I work in a hybrid movement vocabulary that stresses physicality, musicality and a resilient relationship to gravity. By using movement and music I work collaboratively to create environments and tell stories. My work tends to rest on a thin line somewhere between classically inclined and extra bold.

what he's showing at crawl

Chafin's work for CRAWL is equal parts dance party and litmus test. This is a dominant physical performance created by diverse dance artists “based” in electronic, gospel & rap music with the overlay of religious sects, literary genre and popular culture. BASED questions the importance of personal perspective and self-actualization in a culture dominated by group thinking and gut reactions. 

will you pass the litmus test?