MEET NIR ARIELI | Chapter 7 Artist

meet nir. 

Nir Arieli launched his career as a military photographer for the Israeli magazine Bamachane, before receiving a scholarship to pursue a BFA at New York’s School of Visual Arts; he graduated with honors. Nir's photographic passion is within the portraiture and dance fields. He is an admirer of gentleness, beauty that embodies a sense of conflict and physical intelligence.

Nir's work has been published, exhibited and collected internationally. He is represented in NYC by Daniel Cooney Fine Art gallery and in Israel by Pinzeta initiative.

‘The truth is, I don’t dance at all, not even at a party,” Arieli admits. “I admire dancers because they can do what seems impossible to me. The training process of a dancer teaches the body to do things that it can’t do naturally. I observe it like a child; it’s like a superpower to me.’

what he's showing at crawl.

Nir Arieli presents intimate portraits of male dancers, layered on top of each other and collaged with images of their eyes. The different physical, actual, and optical perspectives of the dancer in each image exposes an internal dialog; a bridge between pain and process to liberation and beauty.

Arieli’s images allude to identity formation, mirroring the physical and mental demands of dance training. Wrapped up in in this identity formation are questions around masculinity, sexuality, intimacy, extroversion, and performance. Each image describes both the painful inner process and a redemptive outward resolution of this conflict.