MEET JESSE PERLSTEIN // Chapter 8 Artist

meet jesse. 

Jesse Perlstein (1985 - ) is a multi-disciplinary artist born and based out of New York City. He has spent the last decade creating cross-genre works that often blend the mediums of sound, visual art & prose, focusing on the confluence between fantasy and reality and exploring their inseparable tangle. 

In his audio work, Jesse is a collector of moments, or an etcher of the shadows they leave as they pass. Through the practice of field recording he captures and repurposes temporal ambience for compositions that include vocal accompaniment and digital manipulation, creating surreal auditory soundscapes. These sonic tapestries are designed to be immersive and nostalgic and have been featured in and composed for film, environment, dance, performance, and in his recorded music. His most prominent and acclaimed collaborative project to date is Sontag Shogun, an experimental trio, where he uses sound collage and treated vocals to harmonize with piano, piezo’d beats and oscillator tones.


what he's showing at crawl.

We remember dead things. The passage of time almost immediately renders our present as the past.  After a moment expires it ceases to exist and resurrection is only possible through imagination—the basic tenant of original, unaided fabrication. This illusory reconstructed moment is born of manipulation and contrivance, albeit subconscious, which begs the question: how constructed is the past? 

Triggers is an exploration into this question, using memory and its triggers to look deeper into the surreal nature of memory. Jesse Perlstein will be taking a room and turning it into a living thing. Part-soundscape, part performance, part interactive sonic sculptures, it is also simply a
room filled with artifacts and ephemera of a life lived in fractured moments. The audience is invited to explore the room and its objects in order to better understand the person to whom it all belongs and the relevance they may possess. All the room’s sounds are designed to interact with the main sonic composition and further represent the chaos of thought and memory.

Jesse has also created a site-specific score for the room that will be supported by intermittent musical performances by the artist. These performances will be utilizing the space and its installed objects as instruments along with his voice and body in order to play on the possible narratives woven throughout the space. Triggers will also feature original music from neo-classical trio Sontag Shogun, specifically from their forthcoming album ”Patterns For Resonant Space”.