MEET JASMINE HEARN // Chapter 8 Artist

meet jasmine. 

Jasmine Hearn is a Bronx based choreographer, performer, and dancer. A native Houstonian, she graduated magna cum laude from Point Park University with her B.A. in Dance. Jasmine travels around the country to showcase her choreographic work and to participate in dance and theater projects and multidisciplinary collaborations  Currently, she is a collaborating performer with Alisha Wormsley, David Dorfman Dance, Helen Simoneau Danse, and Tara Willis.

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...uncommonly pliable, mercurial, intense, physically invested to the max with zero caution, allowing no daylight between herself and her choreography. She began the work as if carving herself out of darkness and ended it by returning to the dark. In between, she burned and glowed.
— Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body

what she's showing at crawl.

A duet with Jasmine and Stanley Gambucci, make me a monster gives space and time for these moving, queer bodies to remember how shame found them. A conversation with ourselves on how we were raised to fear our flesh when we were neither clean nor dirty.