chapter 8

may 6+7, 2017
1:30pm // 3:00pm // 4:30pm
@ westbeth: 55 bethune st, room 1209




True to our nomadic nature, this edition of CRAWL will take place inside of an apartment at Westbeth. The living space becomes a home for the performance and a performance in and of itself. 

CRAWL: Chapter 8 offers a parallel glimpse to the realities of developing an artistic practice in a city that’s relentless with its real estate. As rents increase and safe spaces for creation become more scarce, artists are turning to their homes as places to create as well as places to process, decompress, and settle. 

Our apartments are also spaces that contain specific energies and histories — not just architecturally, but personally, insofar as histories are created, lived, and destroyed in our homes. This energy and personal artistic history is palpable in spaces like Westbeth: spaces dedicated to serving and supporting artists and giving them a place to call home.

CRAWL: Chapter 8 incorporates concepts of memory, life, and past lives, revealing the inner terrain of the artists’ practice. 

Shows occur in 60 minute cycles. 



Eli Tamondong

Eli Tamondong is a hybrid artist practicing and performing under the moniker Projectile Imagery. They have been curated by Dance New Amsterdam, Dixon Place, Movement Research at Judson, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Chez Bushwick, Gibney Dance, New York Live Arts, New Dance Alliance; published in SLAG Mag and Polychrome Ink; and posted on Instagram (@projectileimagery). Eli is a performer with Daria Fain’s Commons Choir. They have been a member of the Dance/NYC Junior Committee since 2014, a Chez Bushwick Artist-in-Residence (2014), and a New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks Artist (2015-16). Eli is studying Massage Therapy at the Swedish Institute. Find more at


Jasmine Hearn

Jasmine Hearn is a Bronx based choreographer, performer, and dancer. A native Houstonian, she graduated magna cum laude from Point Park University with her B.A. in Dance. Jasmine travels around the country to showcase her choreographic work and to participate in dance and theater projects and multidisciplinary collaborations  Currently, she is a collaborating performer with Alisha Wormsley, David Dorfman Dance, Helen Simoneau Danse, and Tara Willis.  Learn more at


Jesse Perlstein

Jesse Perlstein is a multi-disciplinary artist born and based out of New York City. He has spent the last decade creating cross-genre works that often blend the mediums of sound, visual art & prose, focusing on the confluence between fantasy and reality and exploring their inseparable tangle. In his audio work, Jesse is a collector of moments, or an etcher of the shadows they leave as they pass. Through the practice of field recording he captures and repurposes temporal ambience for compositions that include vocal accompaniment and digital manipulation, creating surreal auditory soundscapes. These sonic tapestries are designed to be immersive and nostalgic and have been featured in and composed for film, environment, dance, performance, and in his recorded music. His most prominent and acclaimed collaborative project to date is Sontag Shogun, an experimental trio, where he uses sound collage and treated vocals to harmonize with piano, piezo’d beats and oscillator tones. Learn more at



55 Bethune St
ROOM 1209
New York, ny




Featured artists:

Lydia Zimmer
Enza DePalma
Christine Jaeger

@ Whitebox Art Center
329 Broome Street
New York, NY

Community Partnership: Black Tree

 E|N|Z|A at CRAWL: Chapter 1

E|N|Z|A at CRAWL: Chapter 1

 Brendan Drake Choreography at CRAWL: Chapter 2

Brendan Drake Choreography at CRAWL: Chapter 2


Featured artists:

Brendan Drake Choreography
Kendra Portier - BAND|portier
Sontag Shogun

@ Gowanus Loft
69 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY

Community Partnership: Halyards Bar


 Grace Courvoisier + Dance Company at CRAWL: Chapter 3

Grace Courvoisier + Dance Company at CRAWL: Chapter 3


Featured artists:

Jessy Carolina + The Hot Mess
Grace Courvoisier & Dance Company
The People Movers

@ The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen St
Brooklyn, NY

Community Partnership: two8two burger

 The DASH Ensemble at CRAWL: Chapter 4

The DASH Ensemble at CRAWL: Chapter 4

chapter 4

Featured artists: 

Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance
Gregory Dolbashian | The DASH Ensemble
Evan Okun | e.oks

@ 395 Johnson Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Community Partnership: Kings County Saloon

 Same As Sister at CRAWL: Chapter 5

Same As Sister at CRAWL: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Featured artists: 

Same As Sister - S.A.S.
Grace Courvoisier & Dance Company (GC&DC)

@22 Boerum Place
Brooklyn, NY

chapter 6

featured artists: 

Chafin Seymour | seymour::dancecollective
Jordan Isadore
Myles Avery

@Livestream Public

chapter 7

featured artists: 

Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance
Brendan Drake Choreography
Nir Arieli

@Industry City Distillery

stay tuned

more chapters in the works