chapter 7

march 17+18, 2017
8:00 PM @industry city distillery


brendan drake choreography
dante brown | warehouse dance
nir arieli 

Arieli, Brown, and Drake tackle aspects of queerness, gender stereotypes, and isolation in CRAWL: Chapter 7. Arieli fills the space with subtle, ethereal images centered around contemporary male identity; Brown presents an elegant parody of gender norms in the bromance-inspired Package; and in The Big Finish, Drake demonstrates the paradox of isolation and depression in the midst of boisterous self-expression. Though the artists differ in tone and approach, they share a nuanced perception of multi-layered identity. 

CRAWL: Chapter 7 reveals the insufficiency of stereotype, and its resulting psychological impact.



Brendan Drake Choreography: The Big Finish

The Big Finish exploits camp, humor and the american musical theater songbook to speculate what might happen if we actually “let our freak flags fly.” Incorporating text and movement framed by thoughts on queerness, vanity, isolation and suicide, The Big Finish examines the thin veneer of public decency and an unraveling of sanity.


Dante Brown|Warehouse Dance: Package

Package began as a male trio that explored the term “bromance” and its association with masculinity and the straight male aversion towards potential homoerotic encounters. It applauded bromance, shedding light on the small range in which male bodies are depicted in popular culture, and simultaneously demonstrated the absurdity of the term itself. Now, four years after its premiere, Package has developed into an arena for eight multi-gendered bodies, demonstrating the ambiguity of the physical acts we associate with masculinity and femininity.


Photography by Nir Arieli

Nir Arieli presents intimate portraits of male dancers, layered on top of each other and collaged with images of their eyes. The different physical, actual, and optical perspectives of the dancer in each image exposes an internal dialog; a bridge between pain and process to liberation and beauty.

Arieli’s images allude to identity formation, mirroring the physical and mental demands of dance training. Wrapped up in in this identity formation are questions around masculinity, sexuality, intimacy, extroversion, and performance. Each image describes both the painful inner process and a redemptive outward resolution of this conflict.



33 35th St #6A
brooklyn, ny

Special Directions:

Industry City Distillery is on 35th street between 2nd and 3rd avenues. When you enter, proceed to the 6th floor. Curve around to the left as you exit the elevators. We'll be there! 




Featured artists:

Lydia Zimmer
Enza DePalma
Christine Jaeger

@ Whitebox Art Center
329 Broome Street
New York, NY

Community Partnership: Black Tree

E|N|Z|A at CRAWL: Chapter 1

E|N|Z|A at CRAWL: Chapter 1

Brendan Drake Choreography at CRAWL: Chapter 2

Brendan Drake Choreography at CRAWL: Chapter 2


Featured artists:

Brendan Drake Choreography
Kendra Portier - BAND|portier
Sontag Shogun

@ Gowanus Loft
69 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY

Community Partnership: Halyards Bar


Grace Courvoisier + Dance Company at CRAWL: Chapter 3

Grace Courvoisier + Dance Company at CRAWL: Chapter 3


Featured artists:

Jessy Carolina + The Hot Mess
Grace Courvoisier & Dance Company
The People Movers

@ The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen St
Brooklyn, NY

Community Partnership: two8two burger

The DASH Ensemble at CRAWL: Chapter 4

The DASH Ensemble at CRAWL: Chapter 4

chapter 4

Featured artists: 

Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance
Gregory Dolbashian | The DASH Ensemble
Evan Okun | e.oks

@ 395 Johnson Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Community Partnership: Kings County Saloon

Same As Sister at CRAWL: Chapter 5

Same As Sister at CRAWL: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Featured artists: 

Same As Sister - S.A.S.
Grace Courvoisier & Dance Company (GC&DC)

@22 Boerum Place
Brooklyn, NY

chapter 6

featured artists: 

Chafin Seymour | seymour::dancecollective
Jordan Isadore
Myles Avery

@Livestream Public

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